Woman’s ‘For Sale’ Sign Says EVERYTHING We Need To Know About Her Neighbor

A neighborhood feud in Texas between a woman, who owns her home, and her neighbor, who rents their home, has reached its boiling point after the homeowner posted a sign placing her house “for sale,” which tells us everything we need to know about the neighbor next door.

The issues all started when a man rented the house next to Lisa Price’s residence in Farmer’s Branch, Texas. Apparently, he started complaining about her dogs, but it didn’t just stop with complaints. Price said that the man even went as far as to put up cameras that peek into her yard, and he continues to complain to city hall.

Lisa Price said she put up the sign to send a message to the neighbor renting the house next door, who put up cameras peering into her backyard and repeatedly complained to the city about her dogs. [Source: CBS11]
“He knew we had dogs when he moved in,” she said. Despite that knowledge, the man has continued his incessant whining over the animals, driving Price to her breaking point. She decided to put up a special sign to send her neighbor a message after she received a $121 fine from the city for a “barking dog.”

Lisa Price is not really going to sell her home, but she thought that maybe the sign might get her point across. “We thought maybe that would help him to back off,” she said.

Apparently, the man who’s been complaining doesn’t have too many friends in the neighborhood, as other residents thought that Price’s sign was rather hilarious. “I think it’s marvelous,” said neighbor Jim Jay. “It could have been a lot cruder.”

Neighbor Dede Sons said it made her chuckle when she saw it, and she even put it up on social media. “Posted it to Facebook, right? Can you believe this! It’s on the street across from me!” she said.

As of now, the city says that her sign isn’t in violation of any local ordinances, so it can stay, according to BizPac Review. However, she said she’ll willingly take it down if the man just stops complaining. “All our neighbor has to do is come over and talk to us and take the cameras down and be a nice neighbor,” Lisa Price said.

The dogs, she said, have been driving her neighbor crazy, but his complaints to the city have also stirred the pot. Price said police and even a city council member have stopped by asking her to take the signs down. So far she has refused. The city of Farmers Branch said the sign meets city ordinance requirements for real estate signs, so there’s nothing it can do.
Everyone has had that annoying neighbor who, no matter what, just won’t stop complaining, and it sounds like that’s exactly what Price is dealing with. I applaud her for the creative manner in which she called him out. Hopefully, it leads to some sort of peaceful resolution, since nobody wants to be at odds with their neighbors.

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