This Female Biker Stops Her Bike For This Wounded Marine. And She Has Something In Her Hands…

Every year, Rolling Thunder, a massive biker organization comprised of American veterans, rides through the nation’s capital to draw attention to the soldiers listed as Missing in Action (MIA) and Prisoners of War (POW).

The event draws hundreds of thousands of bikers during the rally, and for hours, spectaters can feel the pavement vibrate as the participants make their way down a predetermined road to finish at the war memorials of the capital.

One of the more incredible side stories of Rolling Thunder comes in the form of Marine Corps Veteran Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers, who is otherwise known as ‘the saluting marine.’

Every year, Chambers stands on the side of the road, holding a military salute to the bikers riding slowly by. His is a demonstration of dedication, perserverance, and honor, as he holds his salute, dressed in military dress, for hours beneath the blazing sun.

When asked why he does it, Chambers explained that he was doing work for the Korean War Memorial in 2002, and he was dressed in Korean attire while he was educating people as to what the Korean War was all about. The next day, he had decided to put on his dress blues, and saw some biker vets zipping by.

He immediately raised a salute, and held it there, but the bikers just kept coming. He wanted to make sure that every vet got the respect that they deserved, and what started with a simple salute, turned into a multi-hour stance.

At a recent Rolling Thunder Rally, Chambers was suffering from an injury to his arm, yet still maintaining his salute, when another beautiful moment happened as female veteran pulled up alongside the curb and hopped off her bike.

She offered Chambers a military salute, and then took a single flower, and placed it in one of the boots that was serving as a makeshift memorial for fallen soldiers.

Then the unidentified biker hopped back on her ‘hog’ and took off.

Watch the video below and share this if you know someone who could use a little pick-me-up today.

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