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Stunning ‘Underlook’ Images Of Horses In Action Go Viral

Is there anything quite so beautiful – so utterly majestic – as a healthy, muscular horse in motion? Artists and shutterbugs have long been fascinated with capturing this very subject, but Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba’s new series, the Under-Horse Project has provided a whole new perspective.

In order to create his unique images, Burba and 40 assistants embarked on a massive undertaking dreamed up by the photographer himself.

In what he describes as “the most difficult photoshoot I have ever had,” Burba and his team built a wooden box large enough to house a human and buried it into the ground.

Next, they covered the top of the box with high-quality glass thick enough to support a 1300 pound equine

Building on the success of his Underlook Cat project, Burba thought of every detail.

He even designed rubber horse shoes to keep the animals from slipping and prevent their hooves from scratching the glass
Photographs of shiny, powerful horses galloping through open fields tend to show their most commanding angles – rippling muscles, flowing manes, soulful eyes – but these images show a more vulnerable side.
The soft “underbelly” of an animal that has come to symbolize strength, wisdom and endurance.

What do you think of Burba’s ambitious project?

Check out the entire Under-Horse series and Burba’s other animal projects on Facebook and Instagram.
Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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