Skinny And Starved Horse Died After Being Rescued!

Despite the fact that a horse has been starved to death, no one has been charged! It has happened in Babcock, Wisconsin and it looks like MIchael Zel, the Assistant District Attorney didn’t have a clear view about the case, he has been to busy at the moment and could not decide what to do.

The story has started when a lady found Roy who was an elderly horse, walking all by himself on the highway. She contacted the authorities and the horse’s owner have come to take Roy home. What has happened next was shocking! A Wood County Humane Officer, Nancy Olson, went to visit Roy at his place and she found one terrible scene in his home. Roy and his horse friend didn’t have a proper food or water, and stood in mud. Clearly, those two horses have been neglected!

The owner gave Roy right away, because he could not be ridden anymore. Lucky for him, he has been taken to Karen and Scott Bayerl’s rescue center, who are also in charge of the MIdwest Horse Welfare Foundation! Roy has been in a bad condition and Dr. Gary Johnson, a veterinarian, took really good care of him. He started a treatment and Roy seemed to be ok, until one day he could not get up anymore.

As the doctor said, Roy could not be rescued, because he was very neglected, old and his body just could not take that anymore. He has been close to his end from the day he was rescued, because he has been starved for a very long time. His skinny body didn’t have the energy for life. Roy looked wasted!

According to Michael Zell, every case is important, so Nancy Olson made a request for felony animal abuse prosecution. They are waiting for a response and hope for the best. Cases like this should not be tolerated or ignored. It’s for the horses welfare!

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