She Puts A Camera On Her Riding Helmet. What She Captures? I HAVE CHILLS!

Riding a horse has always been on the top of my “bucket list.” The wind in your hair, the landscape rushing by, and the beautiful animal charging forward beneath you… It seems like a stunning experience!

That’s why this video is so amazing. Without ever sitting atop a horse, you can experience the next best thing — from the comfort of your couch, no less! This incredible footage truly makes you feel like you’re riding right along, leaping over the hurdles, charging through the water, and dashing across the green field. A few moments were so “real” they nearly took my breath away!

But horseback riding is not without danger, as you’ll soon see. It takes a lot of control, confidence, and bravery to guide such a magnificent animal. The shock in this footage is brief, but very real. But for most, it seems that the danger of horseback riding does not outweigh their passion for it. Nothing wonderful is without risk, right?

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