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Police Escort Mom To Hospital 4 Hours Away After Doctors Give Her Just 90 Minutes To Live

Dana Sepulveda is a wife and a mother. She was diagnosed with a terminal disease that caused her liver and kidneys to grow larger than normal.

By the time June came around, those organs had grown so much that they weighed close to 40 pounds combined. Then, she got a call from doctors at 6 a.m. She would be getting a transplant — but only if she could make it to the hospital in an hour and a half.

If she couldn’t arrive in time, the organ donations would go to someone else, and after that, it was anyone’s guess how long it would take to get the transplant she needed to survive.

The problem was: the hospital was a four-hour drive away. Desperate to get there, Dana went to the only people she knew could help: the police.

Hearing her plea, the cops used everything they had to get her to the hospital in time. A police escort got her to a police chopper, which transported her to a heliport close to the hospital.

It was only thanks to the officers who helped that she was able to make the trip in so little time. She was able to survive her terminal disease.

“They saved me, and they gave me a chance to be OK for my kids, and I can never repay that,” the mom said.

Now, the mother has plenty of time to make new memories with her family!

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