Police Bunk Veteran Prisoner With Muslim Cellmate, Then They Hear Screams

Prison officials placed two very different inmates together in a cell, somehow believing that a seasoned military veteran and a devout jihadist would get along fine behind closed doors. However, as soon as they heard blood-curdling screams coming from the room, they immediately knew they never should’ve bunked the two together.

The New York Times reports that the general manager of the Kempsey prison in New South Wales, Australia, has been suspended pending an investigation after an 18-year-old Muslim inmate brutally tortured and “severely beat” a 40-year-old former soldier with whom he shared a cell.

Guards reportedly heard the screams of the veteran inmate, which led them to discover that Bourhan Hraichie had carved an Islamic State inscription on the soldier’s forehead on Thursday afternoon. The message read, “e 4 e,” short for the phrase “an eye for an eye,” a recurring theme in ISIS propaganda.

The Muslim prisoner had also badly beaten the victim before placing a towel over his cellmate’s face and pouring boiling water over him in a horrific torture session, according to ABC News. The Public Service Association described the scene as “very gruesome,” and added that officers “were quite disturbed by what they were confronted with in that cell.”

The teen inmate was an ISIS supporter and had been caught sending beheading photos to other fellow Muslims prisoners. Authorities admitted that he had displayed a hand-drawn ISIS flag in his cell, but denied that graphic images were distributed among the inmates.

The veteran was rushed to Port Macquarie hospital to be treated for serious burns to the face and severe head wounds. Hraichie had also broken the man’s sternum, leaving him with such critical injuries that medical specialists were forced to place the victim in an induced coma.

New South Wales Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin confirmed the torture and openly admits his disgust that the two were placed in a cell together.

“I have decided to suspend the general manager of the correctional centre pending the outcome of this investigation,” NSW Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin told reporters in Sydney on Sunday. “If you are radicalised and at risk of engaging in violent extremism, you need to be locked up. You need to be very highly controlled.”
Correction services stated that the teen hadn’t been previously charged with terrorism, but was a known extremist who self-identified as a radical. The teen is now in solitary confinement, where he awaits trial on May 23 for causing grievous bodily harm and choking an inmate until he was unconscious, two charges that carry a maximum sentence of 10 years each, according to 9 News.

“This was a serious mistake and is under investigation,” Mr Severin said. “At face value, he shouldn’t have been sharing a cell with anybody,” Severin added, referring to the teen.
Public Sector Association spokesman Steve McMahon agreed with Severin that not only should the Muslim inmate have been far away from the former-soldier, but that he should’ve been segregated due to bad behavior.

“The 18-year-old, in our belief, had presented enough information and bad behaviour to have been segregated, or at the very least, been put in a single cell,” Mr McMahon said.
The Daily Mail confirmed that the victim was a former soldier based in Toowoomba, who had been convicted of a series of assault charges and a history of breaching protection orders.

This terrorist won’t have his deep-seeded ideological beliefs transformed by prison, as is proof of his treatment of his cellmate. In fact, being holed up with infidels only gives him the opportunity to do as his prophet did — convert them or kill them. What will happen when this Muslim felon is released? How will the prison prevent him from “radicalizing” other inmates through conversion to Islam? Why was a known radical inmate allowed to display terrorist propaganda within his cell? These are not only legitimate concerns but are already a reality in prisons around the West.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Prisons was found to have admitted a Muslim imam to preach to federal prisoners who held radical views. The imam reportedly called for the deaths of critics of Islam, particularly Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a female convert who speaks against Sharia law.

Inmates are converting to Islam in prison in droves, forming “no-go zones” and forcing weaker cellmates to convert or suffer the consequences. It is a vicious cycle of prison conversion, radicalization, and release to the public. While some newly trained converts are sent back into society to do their religion’s bidding, Muslim prisoners with longer sentences stay behind to continue converting and terrorizing. It is only a matter of time before our own prisons are considered the largest terror cells in the West.

Sources http://madworldnews.com

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