Outrageous Animal Cruelty Case In Britain – Horror Scene!

We’ve seen a lot of cases of animal cruelty, but never something like this horse from the picture below. It’s outrageous! More than one hundred horses, ponies and donkeys have been neglected according to the largest equine welfare investigation in Great Britain.

Five people have been found guilty for this horrible case after the investigators discovered the neglected animals. The property were this animals have been located was covered with rotting corpses. It was clear that they were left to starve to death!

The RSPCA inspectors have started this case in January, last year and according to the veterinarians it has been the most devastating and disturbing scene of animal cruelty. Under the Animal Welfare Act, twelve charges were raised against the owner James Gray and his son and two charges were raised against his wife and two daughters.

More than 140 animals have been kept on the family farm without any food, according to Magistrates’ Court. Across the farm the inspectors could see scattered body parts and hooves, and they’ve also found a dead horse with a rope around his tail!

Rob Skinner, the RSPCA chief inspector, shared that they’ve found a large number of burned carcases and with lots of trash around them. James Gray, the owner of the farm, said that he was going to bury the animals who were laying across the whole farm and in many returns he has been hostile while the inspectors were doing their job.

The Aylesbury Magistrates Court will punish the brutal family!

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