Others Watch In Horror As Boy Is Caught In Bad Situation With Sister At Bus Stop

While waiting at the bus stop before school, a boy in South Carolina made his younger sister cry because of what he did for her. What happened on that street corner surrounded by so many other kids, brings to light something very important in society that nobody is talking about, but we should start now.

La’Darious Wylie, 11, was just like a lot of kids on his block. However, his true character was revealed Tuesday morning when the boy demonstrated exactly what he had been taught or was instinctual to him, and it’s a stark contrast to what we commonly see in society. La’Darious’ little 7-year-old sister Shavonte was with him and the other kids on the sidewalk, excitedly waiting to go to school. When the rambunctious group of average elementary kids wasn’t looking, the sister found herself in immediate danger.

Shavonte was in the wrong spot at the wrong time, when an out of control driver careened off the street and headed straight for the little girl. La’Darious looked up to see what was quickly coming in her direction and sprung to her rescue, pushing his little sister out of the car’s path to safety and placing himself directly in harm’s way.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the car mowed the heroic brother down with such force that his little body caused “severe damage” to the driver’s 2003 Nissan. But worse was what it did to the brave boy. As the driver took off without stopping, La’Darious was left in pieces, fighting for his life on that street corner. Sadly, the little hero couldn’t recover, and he died shortly after in the hospital.

Two days after the hit and run, 57-year-old Michelle Johnson turned herself in for having fled the scene and causing a death, and she now faces a maximum jail sentence of 25 years. What La’Darious did for his sister proves inherent character, kindness, and strength that’s in each child, but it gets tainted by lack of discipline and bad parenting that oftentimes turns them into thugs and other people’s problem.

This boy’s mom, Liz McCrorey, taught him to watch out for his sister and be a good boy, which he was in his final act on earth. She told the Observer that he “knew to watch out for her,” which he proved by pushing her away from death and accepting it himself. This is the pure innocence and respect for others that needs to be cultivated in these communities so that kids don’t ever lose that and continue to grow up to be contributing, successful adults.

La’Darious and the other kids on that street corner like him, would not beat up their teacher in class once they got there. It’s time to start putting the spotlight on good kids to give teens a positive role model to emulate. They don’t have to fall down the same disrespectful, entitled road of life that we see so much of today. We need to encourage our children to put others first, just like La’Darious did in his final moment.

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