North Carolina Residents Horrified To Discover What Kind Muslim Man Has In Ice Cream Truck

Residents of a North Carolina neighborhood were delighted when a kind ice cream truck driver rounded their streets to peddle his frozen desserts to families. However, their excitement quickly turned to horror after they discovered what the sweet, multicultural man had been keeping inside his ice cream truck.

As the left demands our government resettle millions of un-vettable mostly Muslim migrants, we’re told that any wariness toward the new arrivals is Islamophobic and racist. Subsequently, the fear of being politically incorrect has caused many Americans to flout legitimate concerns. Disturbingly, it is this embrace of political correctness that gives Islam the boost it needs to impose its principles upon a powerful progressive nation.

In a quiet community in Durham, North Carolina, residents eagerly awaited the local ice cream truck each evening it made its rounds. Hoping to appear tolerant, some residents abandoned caution when allowing their children to purchase icy treats from the seemingly kind Muslim man behind the wheel of the rust-colored van. Unfortunately, they and their innocent little ones learned firsthand the terrible lesson that not all cultures and religions are created equal.

ABC 7 reports that residents of the Hoover Apartments in Durham were sickened to discover that the nice Muslim ice cream salesman had been luring children into his ice cream truck and sexually assaulting them. Isam Fathee Mohamed Rahmah, 51, was only caught after molesting his second victim, a terrified 9-year-old boy who reported the incident to his mother on October 22.

The mother, whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of the child victim, called police after her teary-eyed son ran to her asking that she “beat up” the ice cream man. What she heard her little boy relay is every parent’s worst nightmare.

“The guy in the ice cream truck told him he could get in the van and help him give out ice cream to the kids in the neighborhood,” said the woman, repeating her son’s account. “He unlocked the door and invited my son on. When he got on, he locked the doors back and told him to go stand in the corner, grabbed him by the shoulders.”
Unbelievably, after molesting the boy and leaving the area, the child predator drove back to the apartments likely scoping out his next victims. The mother explained that it was then that she, her husband, and her brother confronted Rahmah only for him to deny his actions before changing his story altogether. Luckily, she snapped a photo of his van’s license plate and turned it over to the authorities.

“His initial response was ‘no I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything,’” recalled the mother, “then it went from ‘I didn’t do anything’ to ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’”
As expected, this wasn’t Rahmah’s first time luring children into his van with the promise of helping him hand out his wares. Apparently, police were already aware of the molester since another family had reported a similar sexual assault of their child earlier that week.

Fortunately, Rahmah turned himself in, to police, shortly after the second report, leading to his arrest and charges of felony first-degree kidnapping and indecent liberties with a child, although additional charges may be given. He remains in Durham County Jail under a $1-million bond, and his first court appearance is scheduled for Monday at 10 a.m., according to WNCN.

“It’s frightening. You don’t ever want to hear anything like this,” a mom at the Hoover Apartments said. “It’s an older, like construction van or something like that (and) was painted over with pictures of ice cream put on it,” the parent explained.
Another resident explained that he had purchased ice cream from Rahmah before and believes that certain odd clues suggest he may have been living in his truck.

“There were bags of clothes. He has covers and he has chips and everything. He always drives by here on Saturday and Sunday,” Christian Aguilar said.
Although a case like this involving any non-Muslim would likely result in an easy conviction and lengthy jail sentence, Rahmah has a much better chance of escaping justice by citing his religious rights and cultural misunderstanding. If the defense really wanted to take this route, they could source countless Quran and hadith passages that not only condone child molestation, kidnapping, and rape but unashamedly inspire them.

In several passages, Allah’s “perfect man” Muhammad modeled for Muslims how to practice Quran 4:24 by kidnapping women and children to be used as sex slaves after the mass slaughter of their peaceful Jewish tribes. When Muhammad’s ruthless warriors expressed their hesitation to rape the girls in front of their captive husbands, the prophet messenger assured them that the female slaves were Allah’s reward for making war with the unbelievers and that they should rape them at will.

In another passage, Muhammad’s men ask him if they should refrain from impregnating their female captives, to which the prophet chides them and explains that Allah has destined the slaves to give birth in order to expand the Muslim population.

In yet another passage, Muhammad’s companion recalls the time when the prophet saw his pretty slave girl and demanded her for himself. The ally explains that he hadn’t even raped the girl before Muhammad claimed her as his own, ordering, “Give me that girl.” Of course, Muhammad did not free the young woman but took her as one of his many sex slaves.

Any religion that justifies and commands heinous crimes against humanity is dangerous. If it is allowed to be practiced freely in our midst, we will continue to suffer and watch as our own freedoms are used to protect savagery.

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