NFL Star Marshawn Lynch Caught Wearing This Trump Shirt Before Game, Here’s What It Says

The NFL made a really big mistake siding with Colin Kaepernick’s disorganized and dishonest anthem protest “movement” rather than sticking up for the anthem.

You want to talk about police brutality? Go for it. There are several ways to do that effectively.

Disrespecting the troops who fought and died for our flag is not one of them.

You know what else isn’t helpful?

What Marshawn Lynch of the Oakland Raiders just did before today’s game.

Lovely right?

It’s fine if you don’t support Trump. But, Marshawn is definitely buying into the media’s spin on this.

The left is clearly trying to divide people based on race on this issue and the media is trying to make this about Trump.

The outrage over the anthem was about respect for our country and the kneelers are clearly sending a message that they don’t respect the country when they don’t stand. Not complicated.

Marshawn’s shirt accomplishes nothing except dividing us even more. Maybe he knows that maybe he doesn’t. If you’re an NFL executive you can’t be happy about this move. Viewers are fleeing the NFL and stunts like this are the reason why.


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