News Of ‘2nd Mass Shooting’ Leaks Day After FL Massacre, 1 Reason You Didn’t Hear About It

In a strange twist, news reports of a “second mass shooting” have broken just one day after the recent massacre in Florida. As it turns out, there’s one reason you didn’t hear about it — and it’s downright shocking.

America is still reeling from the horrific attack on a Florida high school, but as they say, evil never sleeps. In fact, we’ve most recently learned about a “second mass shooting” just one day later that has left people more scared of what could be in the days to come. Currently, 17 Americans lost their lives but that number could have been a lot higher if another punk had gotten his way. Luckily, this second mass shooting was thwarted — but that doesn’t make the case any less disturbing.

According to police in Everett, Washington, 911 dispatchers received a shocking phone call from a boy’s grandmother and immediately sent units to her home. Come to find out, the woman had found a journal belonging to her 18-year-old grandson Joshua Alexander O’Connor and knew that something was horribly wrong.

As CBS DFW reports, the woman found journal entries on February 13th describing how the teen was planning to attack his high school — just one day before the incident in Florida. “I need to make this count,” O’Connor reportedly wrote, according to the Daily Herald. “I’ve been reviewing many mass shootings/bombings (and attempted bombings) I’m learning from past shooters/bombers mistakes.”

Shockingly, that wasn’t even the worst part as he also had plans on how to build pressure cooker bombs and detailed specifically what he was planning to do. “I’m preparing myself for the school shooting,” another entry read. “I can’t wait. My aim has gotten much more accurate… I can’t wait to walk into that class and blow all those f*ckers away.”

“Officers were also told the grandson had a rifle stored in a guitar case,” a statement from Everett police read. “As officers reviewed copies of the journal, they were alarmed at the statements and detailed plans to shoot students and use homemade explosive devices at ACES High School.” Fortunately, police got to the twisted punk before he could carry out his sick plans and have since placed him under arrest — locking him up only the day before the Florida shooting took place.

Detectives later executed a search warrant on the grandmother’s house, where he lived and where they seized the journal, a rifle, “military styled inert grenades and other evidentiary items,” according to the release.

According to court documents obtained by Q13 News, O’Connor wrote about which high school he would target after flipping a coin. He then wrote that the school, ACES High School (of the Mukilteo School District) located about 30 miles north of Seattle, “won” the toss. [Source: FOX News]

Although it’s unclear what took place at the time of his arrest, O’Connor’s charges indicate that he may have actually attacked the police officers searching his room. The wannabe killer was booked into the Snohomish County Jail and has reportedly been charged with attempted first-degree murder, felony assault on an officer, and first-degree robbery.

For now, police are just glad that they found out about O’Connor in time and were able to prevent a second mass shooting. Of course, officials of the school O’Connor was planning to shoot up are happy with the way things turned out as well.

“Our main thing right now is gratitude, especially to the grandmother,” said Andy Muntz, the Mukilteo School District spokesperson. “That couldn’t have been easy for her to do. The Everett police also did a wonderful job. That combination may have saved a lot of lives.”

However, he then went on to point out a very interesting point. “The best defense against this kind of thing, the school shooting is, that if you hear something or see something is tell authorities,” Muntz added. “And that’s exactly what she did.” Sadly, that wasn’t the case in Florida, even though it sounds like it should have been. It must have been difficult for this grandmother to turn in her own grandson, but we applaud her for it.

One could only imagine what the incident in Florida would have done to O’Connor if he was still a free man at the time it took place. Although people are suggesting that it could have sped up his timeline, there’s really no way of knowing. Fortunately, that’s not something we have to worry about because this monster is locked away in a cage where he belongs — and it sounds like he’ll be there for quite some time.

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