Muslims HALT Building Mosque When They See What Infidels Placed On Property

After a town discovered that a mosque was being built, the residents decided to do something about it. Before the construction began, outraged citizens left their new neighbors a unique surprise that had the worshippers immediately halting the unwanted expansion.

Not even a century after the toppling of Germany’s unsavory Nazi regime, the religious and political ideology that allied itself with Adolf Hitler’s murderous conquests is now threatening to overtake the progressive European democracy. Islam, which supported Hitler’s slaughter and still widely considers him as one of the only non-Muslim heroes of the Muslim world, is making its mark on Germany once again.

The Citizens of Erfurt, who are a non-violent conservative Christian organization, headed to a plot of land that was purchased for the purpose of erecting a mosque, and they raised a monument of their own — 10 wooden crosses. Daily Mail reports that the group planted several large crosses on the site in Erfurt, forcing the Muslim buyers to quickly stop construction because of what they consider a blasphemous crime against their religion.

The Muslim community expressed their disdain for the Christian symbol of Christ’s eternal love and sacrifice, despite their repeated claims that they respect Jesus and consider him a beloved prophet of Islam, not the Son of God. Local imam Said Ahmad Arif told Sputnik that his mosque members will not stand for the peaceful display, warning the community with what could be taken as a veiled threat.

The community “will not allow ourselves to be provoked,” Arif explained. “This is not something that scares us.” He said that local people in Erfurt have given the community “incredible support.”
Although the Muslims are vowing to take legal action against the Christian activists, the majority isn’t backing down. Corina Herold, who is a spokeswoman for the AfD religious affairs in the Thuringia state parliament, even exclaimed that the peaceful protest against Islam is “fundamentally good.”

“The cross stands there as a symbol of the Western world (and for the) Christian-religious Enlightenment tradition of Europe,” Herold said. “For me this is not an abuse, but an appropriate use (of the cross).”

Herold reminded critics that Muslims aren’t required by their faith to worship in mosques but erect them to intimidate and suppress other religions with disruptive calls to prayer and gaudy architecture that overshadows surrounding. In these mosques, scriptures from the Quran and messages that the prophet Muhammad taught are spread. Of course, this includes orders to execute gays, adulterers, apostates, and those who refuse to convert or pay jizya.

As expected, the Muslims are vowing to sue the bold Christians activists. Although their religion directly contradicts all other manmade legislation and requires adherence to Sharia, using the law of the land to silence the non-Muslim majority is a successful tactic that they’ve used in over 50 now-Muslim countries.

Sadly, some ignorant Christians are defending the very religion that is required to prevent the worshipping of Christ, proclaiming that the cross is a symbol of love and acceptance. However, when Jesus willingly died on the cross, he did it to defeat evil, not to embrace it. Disturbingly, even local pastor Ricklef Muennich shamefully condemned the erection of the crosses while his own fellow Christians are being silently slaughtered by Muslims all over the world.

While Muhammad raped children, Jesus Christ taught that they will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. While Muhammad advocated for the crucifixion of dissenters, Jesus allowed himself to be crucified. While Muhammad ordered men to beat their wives, Jesus saved a persecuted woman from being stoned to death. While Muhammad bought and sold black slaves, Jesus taught that God is no respecter of race.

Everything about Islam not only contradicts Christianity but all other religions, cultures, and governments. It is a militant religion that is compelled to oppress and brutalize for the sake of an eternal reward. If everyone was aware of the number of times that the Quran commands Muslims “kill the unbelievers” until there is no more disbelief in Islam, perhaps they’d be out planting crosses as well at the very least.

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