Mom Gets Pregnancy Pics Back, Floored By What She Sees In Brush Beside Her

A Mississippi mom, who was expecting her second child, thought that she had picked the perfect spot to take maternity photographs and document her pregnancy. It wasn’t until the proofs came back that she spotted what else was in the photos with her and her son that afternoon.

Already the mother of one to a vibrant little boy, Nicole Bennet is excited to give her son a sister. With the March 25 due date rapidly approaching, Nicole wanted to document her second pregnancy with professional photos in a serene setting. However, there was much more to these shots than is typical, and it was made possible by the mother’s photographer, Sidney Conley.

A few weeks before Nicole’s planned maternity session, her husband Deonta, who is the father of her two children, died suddenly from unspecified causes. The couple had anticipated the birth of their little girl, who Deonta planned to make a “daddy’s girl,” but he never got the chance to even meet her after tragedy struck in their happy time.

Suffering the unimaginable loss of a spouse just weeks ahead of welcoming their baby into the world, Nicole wanted to do something special for the maternity shots that she and Deonta were beyond excited to take. Sadly, it would be just the expectant mother and her young son in the pictures. Both managed to muster up beautiful smiles for the session until they got the photos back from Conley.

In honor of her son and daughter’s daddy, who couldn’t be there to capture this milestone, Nicole still knew he was there with them in spirit. That’s when she came up with a way to show exactly what she felt was there.

Nicole wanted to do something special in remembrance of Deonta, since he was there every day for her and their son, since the beginning of her pregnancy, WPXI reported. With the help of her thoughtful and talented photographer, she was able to put Deonta’s spirit in the pictures, representing his presence that Nicole felt was there in the moment.

Touched by how incredible the superimposed shots turned out, Nicole felt that these memories filled part of the bitter void that she and her son live with since his passing and that her daughter will feel in time. “It’s memories for my son of his father and for my daughter who will never meet her father, it’s memories for her as well,” she told the news station.

Understanding the importance of photographs, especially those of a family broken by unfathomable circumstances, Conley couldn’t hold back the tears when she presented the family with this gift.

Nicole could feel her husband beside her in this photo session, as she was carrying his child and the weight of the world, with having to raise their children without him. She longed to see him there and their family whole again, which her photographer made happen. Now, their children will have this visual memory of their father, and a family photo that shows one life entering the world, where another left.

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