Mature Horses Are The Best Teachers For The Younger Ones!

It’s in the horse’s nature to be able to learn and train. We’ve seen so many well-trained horses doing amazing performances from which our jaw has fallen and they keep on with the great work. Humans are known as the best trainers for this incredible creatures, but it is also a well-known fact that horses can learn from each other, too. For example, younger horses learn a lot of lessons from the older ones!

Younger horses are very active, playful and curious, that’s why older horses try to learn them how to behave well. They are the best teachers, when it comes to young horses! In many situations younger horses play their usual silly games and run around the other horses. An older horse knows how to remain calm and peaceful, unlike the younger horses who spook out of nowhere. So, while the younger horses jump and run around like crazy, mature horses don’t pay any attention to their game and at that point the younger horse goes back on doing what all the other horses do- gazing.

On a rare occasion you can see a mature horse playing games with the younger, but that’s almost unimaginable. Mature horses are very helpful and take care of the younger horses. For example, when they need to get in a horse trailer for the first time, they are terrified. So, the older horses take the first step showing them what to do by simply following their steps. They are also helpful when the younger horses need to cross over water. That kind of new experiences for the younger horses can be successful by having a mature horse as a teacher.

They are the perfect guide and caretaker for the younger horses. If you agree, share this post with other horse fans!

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