How to set up your Google Daydream

The Daydream’s wireless controller has decent battery life (up to 12 hours, according to Google) but it probably won’t arrive full of juice. Google suggests charging it for two hours before its first use.

You’ll need a USB-C Type C charger, but unfortunately, the Daydream doesn’t come with one. Use your phone’s charging cable instead. At this point, all Daydream-ready phones have compatible USB-C chargers (that may change in the future, if any microUSB-sporting phones get Google’s certification).

The controller has white indicator light blinks while charging; the light stays on continuously once it’s fully charged. While you wait, complete the next step.

The Daydream app powers the whole mobile VR experience. You’ll sync the phone with the headset and adjust its settings through the app. It also acts as the Daydream-specific portion of the Google Play store.

The Daydream app is available for free from Google Play. Download and launch it, and follow the prompts.

When you first fire it up, the Daydream app may ask you to install the latest Android updates and/or set up a form of payment and PIN for your account. You can complete those tasks while the controller is still charging.

If you need something else to do while you wait, try on the headset and adjust the straps accordingly. You want the goggles as flush against your face as possible, so it doesn’t budge or let in light. For maximum comfort, don’t cinch it tighter than it needs to be.

If you wear glasses, you should be able to leave them on. According to Google, the Daydream is designed to fit over most frames.


Once your controller is charged and your headset’s ready to go, take off the headset and start up the Daydream app again. You’ll be guided through pairing the controller. If your controller needs any software updates, it will download them now.

Once that’s done, you’ll be given directions for putting the phone in the headset. For best results, wipe the phone display clean beforehand, because the headset amplifies the appearance of dust and fuzz.

Next, you’ll be guided through a short welcome tutorial. It’s worth doing – it’s only a few minutes long, and it will save time orienting yourself during gameplay.


Now that you know what you’re getting into, download your desired content. It’s possible to do this in VR, but we recommend taking off the headset. It’s quicker and easier to download directly from your phone.

Search the Daydream app for available apps and games and download whatever you’d like. If you need suggestions, New Atlas has rounded up the best Daydream apps and games.

It’s also possible to download Daydream content directly from the Google Play store. If you go that route, make sure you’re downloading Daydream-specific content. Many Android, Cardboard and Daydream apps have similar names, so it’s very easy to end up with some unintentional purchases.

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