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How GPS Tracks Distance

I’m sure you are all wondering just how you can effectively hatch your eggs? There have been several rumors going around that hatching eggs, doesn’t work the way first thought. Well, that is correct, most think that it either track the distance you’ve walked or follows your GPS (in a sense it does). People getting frustrated over the fact they walked around in circles for 30-minutes to an hour and their egg has only moved .5 km and this is why.
How hatching eggs properly works is it’s a distance, time-based calculation. What this means is, from point A to point B is so far. You can reach it within the game’s reason. The distance traveled will be calculated using your GPS and entered for your eggs. Why walking short distances and even in circles won’t work, at least not that well.
This is because you are overlapping the distance you have already walked, so it then isn’t calculated because of the time frame. With this being said the best way to hatch eggs is to walk straight. It is different explaining this with words rather than showing so if it’s confusing please let me know. If you know a better way of explaining it also let me know and I can put it in my words.
In other words here is a diagram I drew which hopefully helps at least a little bit more. For the straight line, the .2km would be added on the next time your phone pings to the servers. As for walking in circles, you will need to either stop half way. Just long enough for your eggs to register the distance then walk the other half. Though, it would be more beneficial to just walk through the diameter of the circle.

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