Horse Reunites With His Playmates After More Than Four Years!

In 2008, Sue Blagburn had to sell one of her loving horse, called Arthur. Four and a half years later, she repurchased the horse and wanted to reunite him with two other horses, William and Harry, who were his playmates when they were younger.

In the video footage beneath this text you can hear the story of Sue Blagburn on how she had to send Arthur away because that was the right thing to do. She was to busy with her work at that time, and now she decided to get Arthur back!

You can see her taking Arthur to the field to met William and Harry. She is curious to see what is going to happen and will they recognize each other. It seems that they do remember each other, even though they are just horses. Sue looks amazed by the fact that they love each other. As she said, William is always bossy and he would never let anyone do what Arthur does around him!

Clearly, this three are best friends and ages haven’t changed anything. To express their happiness they made a rolling party. Did you see that?! It is so much more than Sue has expected. These horses have shown mutual respect, communication and so much love. Look how they have celebrated their childhood friend’s return. Amazing story!

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