Horse Found Inside Horse Trailer Tied And Almost Dead!

People must take responsibility for the things they’ve done or haven’t done. The story from the text below caused a lot of outrage among people from the horse world, because to leave an innocent creature like that is unacceptable!

An abandoned horse trailer has been found on the road between Roggen Colorado and Keenesburg Colorado, on June 2nd. The thing that shocked everyone was that there was a horse inside the trailer. The animal has been left alone just like that, without food or water, like he didn’t exist!

How terrible is that?! To left that kind of incredible creature to struggle with thirstiness and lack of food. He was almost dead when people found him, because he was not able to take care of himself. Why? Because the person who left him like that, didn’t unfasten him. The horse has been tied into the destroyed horse trailer and he could not get out without some help.

Those who found the poor horse want to catch the responsible person and they’ve motivated people by offering a reward for those who will help. The person who will report the guilty one will be rewarded!

According to the owner of the horse, there must be some witnesses because the horse has been put inside the trailer behind the Roggen Elevator. She doesn’t know how everything has happened and has no information about the owner of the trailer or the driver.

This tragic event moved everyone and at this moment the authorities are looking for the man who did that to the horse. They believe that if they find the owner of the trailer it would be easier to catch the responsible. The case is under investigation.

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