Experienced Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Accident

Even a highly well-trained horse can surprise you and things can instantly go from good to bad. Things can go wrong in a moment even with an experienced horses like Budweiser Clydesdales and here is an example in the video below. During a demonstration while in a hitch a Clydesdale trips. The whole team piles up and finds itself in a risky situation.

In a situations like this you can see the real character of this horses and the skills of their handlers. Those Clydesdales patiently waited for the handlers to help them and the whole event didn’t turn into a disaster. There was no room for panic, the handlers unhitched the horses one by one and they all got free on time without any injury. Trust is all that matters in a process like this and those horses have faith in their handlers.Clydesdales don’t get scared easily, they are very intelligent and easy to be trained. Each Clydesdale has it’s own temperament, structured by its experience, so basically all of them are individuals. For example, a Clydesdale will become more reactive and defensive if he had a harsh, abusive training.

By watching the video below, you will realize how effective the trainers work has been. Those Clydesdales stayed cool and nobody was harmed. And for your information, when a horse find himself on the ground he feels threatened. But that was not the case with this tangled Clydesdales, who showed how valuable is a good horsemanship and training!

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