Elisa’s Wild Horse Adventure- Inspirational Story!

Elisa Keena is an exceptional horse lover who shared her amazing story and journey through one of her biggest dreams. Her childhood wish has become reality- she was among wild horses!

As she shared, it’s impossible to find proper words to describe that experience and how she felt at the exact moment. For her those wild horses were the healer after being diagnosed with cancer. Wild horses are significant symbol for the West and a meaningful American heritage, and for Elisa they’ve been like part of her soul, reminding her of freedom and space.

She expressed her gratitude to all the members of Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates for the tour of a lifetime! Thanks to them she heard a lot of stories about the members of the wild horse bands, for example, how they are related. She also thanked her best friend Rosanna for being such a great companion during the tour.

Elisa had so much to tell about her Pine Nut Mountain wild horse adventure. The tour guides talked during the entire tour, educating the visitors about range protection and how important is to keep the range in good shape in order to point out that wild horses are not doing any damage! Those people call the range their home and would do anything to protect those wild horses from BLM.

In the middle of the tour, visitors had an organized lunch surrounded by wild horses somewhere in the hills. Elisa could not believe how incredible her adventure have become. She has made a bucket list the moment her doctors told her that unfortunately, she is running out of time. She applied for this amazing journey the moment she saw the online auction which had something with the American Wild Horse Campaign.

Elisa has been lucky enough to won the wild horse adventure. She could not be much happier, she loved horses since ever. As a kid she had a rocking horse and a big collection of unicorns and horses. She wanted to own a horse so badly, but her life has turned upside-down when at age of 13 she has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease.

Though she had a really hard time, she managed to take riding lessons while she was in college. The life change for Elisa happened after she had a horse accident. She broke her femur and had multiple surgeries. Somehow she managed to get back in the saddle two years after she recovered and at age 32 she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This brave woman has decided to live and do what she really loved!

When doctors told her to slow down she started participating in the horse world, by following and supporting rescuing centers and sanctuaries. She did anything she could to keep the wild horses wild, the biggest American dream! She gave all her energy for saving wild horses from the government’s politics.

And that’s how she found out about the trip of her dreams, offered on online auction. The magic has began the moment she stepped into the wild! The horses came closer than usual because they clearly loved the energy of the group and all the bands were out!

Elisa Keena has been an inspiration to many people, so please feel free to share this story and spread some awareness of the extraordinary wild horses.

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