Doctor Repairing Horses’ Forehead! Amazing Work!

Maverick the horse has probably knocked his head against an iron bar in the stable and that’s how he injured his forehead. It happened on February 24th, 2011 in his stable at Lauja Downs in Alton Downs, Australia.

Pastoral and Veterinary Services came from Bangalee right after his owner called the emergency. They came with the “Mobile Surgery Room” because Maverick’s wound had to be repaired immediately.

Few months later, this horse has been fully recovered from the incident. Luckily he did not hurt his eye and now he is in good condition. Horses are large animals and they can get in trouble easily. Maverick had a serious injury, because he probably did some crazy staff, but thanks to the Doctor he is now healthy and recovered.

The horse community is thankful for all the veterinarians who has done some amazing job with the horses. They always take good care for each animal and make sure they won’t hurt themselves in the future!

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