Dairy Queen Employees Calls Cops “Pigs,” Company Responds With 6 Perfect Words

When the entitled employees at a Dairy Queen location saw a group of local police officers walk into the establishment to grab a meal in Hammond, Louisiana, they responded in the vilest of ways. The employees began loudly insulting the hard-working cops, who were well within earshot, calling them disgusting names like “pigs” and “crooked.” If they thought that they could get away with such disrespectful behavior, though, they were sorely mistaken.

Daily Queen has now issued a response to the workers who felt it appropriate to insult members of the local law enforcement community, and it is exactly what you want to hear.

According to WBRZ, a witness observed the incident, and posted about it on Facebook. Apparently two Tangipahoa Sheriff’s deputies inside had ordered dinner and paid for it. They were waiting on their dinner when cooks and other employees in the ice cream station began openly and loudly disrespecting them.
The DQ employees talked about how they hated “pigs” and how “all cops were crooked.” In the post, the witness said they were loud enough for everyone in the store, including the deputies, to hear them. [Source: Blue Lives Matter]
Unfortunately for the Dairy Queen employees who decided to dish out insults along with the fast food, the police officers were not the only ones who heard them. Another diner in the ice cream shop that day witnessed the entire upsetting ordeal and did what any concerned citizen would do. He posted about it on Facebook.

While the restaurant did not elaborate on the situation, others on Facebook explained what reportedly happened. In one post, a man wrote he witnessed kitchen staff berating two sheriff’s deputies – calling them “pigs” and claiming that all officers are “crooked.” The deputies asked for their money back and left, the poster wrote, and explained the manager told employees to keep their comments to themselves.

The incident happened Saturday and by Monday morning, others had taken to the store’s Facebook to post their displeasure. [Source: WBRZ]
Without skipping a beat, Dairy Queen issued a public response via Facebook the same day, saying, “We are aware of the incident that took place this weekend in our Hammond store. The employees involved have been terminated. We take these types of incidents very seriously and appreciate our communities involvement.”

The company continued, “Our relationship with the Hammond community is of the utmost importance and we respect and support our HPD/TPSO officers,” adding, “We do not tolerate any derogatory behavior towards officers or any customer.”

The company’s decision to terminate these employees immediately proves that they do take such matters seriously, and they do genuinely care about the hard-working law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line each day in order to protect the community. In other words, they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Dairy Queen made the correct call in this situation, hands down, and hopefully, it taught a few disrespectful punks a lesson that they’ll have plenty of time to ponder while unemployed.

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