Dad Lets Daughter Choose Own Outfit For Picture Day. Now That Photo Is Going Viral

When picture day came along, 3-year-old Kaylieann Steinbach’s parents let her pick out exactly what she wanted to wear.

I don’t think they expected, or anyone would expect for that matter, for Kaylieann to pick this outfit. But nobody’s complaining!

Austin Steinbach, Kaylieann’s dad, said they usually give their daughter a few options to pick from in the morning, but this was definitely not laid out!

“Picture day was the same BUT Supergirl wasn’t a pick,” he said. “[S]he instead looked at what was offered and when I asked she proclaimed ‘POOTERGIRL’ and well, like I’ve said before, I couldn’t argue with that!”

Austin goes on to explain that “Pootergirl” is Kaylieann’s way of saying Supergirl. Kaylieann is actually 75% deaf, and has trouble saying “S” sounds. They all work on sign language together, and that’s been helping her a lot.

“ASL [American Sign Language] has really brought out her personality in a whole new way and it has been such a life-changing experience to see her come into who she is,” Austin said.

Austin is clearly proud of his daughter, describing her as “unique, tenacious, bold, stubborn, brave, and every other word there is to describe joy, intelligence, and grace.”

The little girl loves to dress up!

“This specific costume she got for our trip to San Francisco Comic-Con and she wore almost two weeks straight up until Comic-Con, which after we had the fight the century to get it off!” he laughed.

Kaylieann’s school was and is incredibly supportive. In fact, other parents and kids liked it so much, they joined in the fun!

“Everyone is always excited to see what she picks out to wear every day,” he said. “I honestly don’t know if her classmates want to wear superhero gear more or less because of her, but it’s always fun and heartwarming when I drop her off or pick her up because her classmates are always talking about her being Supergirl, or whomever she’s wearing that day.”

Who else thinks Kaylieann is a true superhero?

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