Chicago Muslim Arrested For Terrorism Turns To Judge, Makes Damning Claim About Obama

Muslim refugee Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, who was living in former President Barack Obama’s hometown, was recently arrested on terrorism-related charges. However, he shocked the court during his trial when he made a damning accusation that is directly connected to Obama himself.

After 8 years of funding Islamic dictators, releasing Gitmo terrorists, and praising Islam’s contributions to the world, it’s no secret that former President Barack Obama had a particular affinity for Muslims and their ideology. Of course, being born, raised, and educated as a Muslim undeniably had an impact on the former U.S. leader, which was evident in his sympathetic approach toward the Muslim world, even in the face of Islamic terrorism’s global oppression and brutality.

One young Muslim militant who would’ve likely elicited compassion from Obama during his era is Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, a 24-year-old Iraqi refugee who – up until his 2016 arrest – paraded his terrorist affiliations right under the noses of the federal authorities. Unfortunately for the former Commander-in-Chief, Al-Jayab’s trial has rendered a disturbing accusation that once again thrust’s Obama’s terror-ties under the microscope.

According to Fox News, the Iraqi-born Palestinian refugee-turned-Islamic terrorist has filed a motion for dismissal of his case via the claim that his disturbing crimes in Syria should not be considered terrorist activity because he was fighting for the “Syrian rebels” who Obama had supported and armed during his devastating meddling efforts to topple the Bashar al-Assad regime.

In the Chicago federal court on January 16, Al-Jayab’s legal team shocked the media when they cited the internationally recognized “doctrine of combatant immunity,” which protects soldiers who are fighting in wars between nations from prosecution, making the argument that since Obama had supported terrorist fighters like their client, he should not be charged.

“The United States’ support of … rebels,” the filing argues, “is evidence that it believed the belligerency against Assad was legitimate warfare and that fighters against Assad were entitled to combatant immunity for their legitimate acts of warfare against the regime.”

The disturbing claim not only revives Obama’s Syrian rebels scandal but showcases that his involvement in the Middle Eastern country’s conflict directly supported terrorists and terror-related causes.

Al-Jayab’s attorneys suggested that their client joined, not terrorists, but the same “Syrian rebels” that the Obama administration equipped and funded, which should extend immunity reserved for official armies to the Muslim militant. Alarmingly, if the court rules in favor of the request for dismissal, it would set a precedent for many other Islamic terrorists who fled the U.S. to fight in the Syrian conflict.

The problem with Al-Jayab’s claim is that the Syrian rebels he joined were associated with a group called Ansar al-Sham, which is linked to designated terrorist groups Ansar al-Islam, which pledged allegiance to ISIS, and al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate Al-Nusra. The connection not only points to Al-Jayab’s terror-ties but Obama’s as well, proving yet another layer to one of his many presidential scandals.

Al-Jayab portrays the typical Muslim refugee-turned-militant with his declarations for jihad and determination to die a “martyr,” in accordance with the Quran’s commands. In 2013, Al-Jayab expressed his devotion to Islam’s tenets with Omar Faraj Saeed Al-Hardan of Houston, according to an FBI affidavit.

“O God, grant us martyrdom for your sake while engaged in fighting and not retreating; a martyrdom that would make you satisfied with us,” Al-Jayab wrote to Al Hardan, according to court documents.

“We will make your abilities very strong,” he promised Al Hardan.

“God willing, you will have your chance to shoot,” he added in a later message. “The most shots I made with it in my life was in the biggest battle I participated in. Seven magazines in one breath. … Just shooting, spraying, spraying.”

Barack Obama’s “freedom fighters” are taking the fall while he washes his hands of his involvement in the Syrian conflict, which undeniably made conditions far worse for the Syrian people. His ties to terrorist groups, causes, and regimes are still surfacing over a year after leaving the White House, proving that his scandals are much deeper than we ever could’ve imagined.

Not only has Obama’s legacy resulted in the uprising of terrorism and the empowerment of oppressive regimes, his criminal actions have left a bloody mess for President Donald Trump. Fortunately, Trump isn’t following in his predecessor’s footsteps by funding and supporting foreign terrorists as pawns in a global chess game.

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