Candace Cameron Wears This Shirt On The View …. You Don’t See Someone Do This On TV Too Often These Days

Full House’s Candace Cameron had social media buzzing after people saw her wardrobe choice as she was appearing on the overtly Liberal talk show the View.

She wore a long-sleeved shirt with,

written in bold black letters.

It’s not often that viewers are able to see celebrities sending such a strong message, and being so open about their Christian faith.

Entertainment elites will proudly wear shirts which feature mass murdering Communist revolutionary Che Guevara.

Che was a bloody, ruthless, and violent right-hand man to Fidel Castro, who was responsible for murdering many who he thought were dissidents, spies, or simply spoke out against the Communist regime.

Elitists like Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, and Oliver Stone are more than willing to support and speak on behalf of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted in the eighties of assassinating a police officer who had stopped his younger brother for a traffic violation. Mumia was across the street, and witnessed the traffic stop, and prosecutors believed he decided to do something about it.

Since that time, Mumia’s defense teams, and there have been several of them, have tried to argue that the authorities were racist, the ballistics tests were faked, the eye-witnesses were paid off, and have even presented a man who said that he was the one who killed Officer Daniel Faulkner.

Faulkner was shot in the back, and in the head by Mumia, but was able to fire off a round from his own weapon in response, hitting the cop-killer Mumia before he died.

The list of controversial causes and statements don’t stop there, though.

Hollywood celebrities have been photographed with garments displaying the red star of Communism, as was the case of Cameron Diaz.

After the public outrage, Diaz claimed that she had no idea what the symbol meant, and just bought the bag from a shop in China.

However, the one thing that celebrities seem to tread lightly around, unless it is to mock, is any mention of Jesus or Christianity. That’s why Candace Cameran’s ‘Jesus Saves Bro‘ shirt, appearing on the View, was such a big deal.

After uploading a photograph of the shirt to Facebook, the shirt got more than 30,000 likes in the first hour alone.

H/T Western Journalism

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