Another Mass Shooting Happened At A Club But The Media Is Refusing To Cover It

A potential mass shooting was stopped when a 32-year-old man, Jody Ray Thompson, reportedly opened fire into a crowd outside the Playoffz Nightclub in Lyman, South Carolina, wounding three.

It happened in the early hours of a Sunday morning, when Thompson and another individual became embroiled in a heated verbal exchange.

Although it was illegal for Thompson to be in possession of a gun, he was carrying one anyway, and began opening fire into the nearby crowd, striking three people.

He was stopped by an individual who fired back with a gun of his own. The man who stopped the shooting was legally carrying his firearm, and had a concealed carry permit, which he showed to the responding police officers.

The Drive By Media has not given this story nearly as much attention as it deserves, but it is a perfect demonstration that gun control laws do not stop shootings.

There were already laws on the books that should have prevented Thompson from acquiring a firearm, but as Conservatives have been pointing out for years, criminals don’t follow the laws.

The only thing that seemed to have stopped another mass shooting from happening, the likes of which occurred earlier at another nightclub in Orlando, is allowing law-abiding citizens to utilize their Constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms.

You can believe that if Thompson had murdered one or two dozen people at the Playoffz Nightclub, Liberal politicians and their cronies in the media would be spending days on pushing the narrative that more gun control is needed.

In fact, after any mass shooting in America’s modern history, there are always activists who are pushing to repeal the Second Amendment or to rewrite the Constitution entirely.

Either they can’t see, or they seem to refuse to acknowledge, that while guns in the hands of deranged individuals are dangerous, the best deterrent to keep them from causing widespread chaos is to ensure that law abiding citizens are allowed to be armed.

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