Amush Buggies Destroying Newly Paved Roads In Daviess County

Rural Daviess County,Washington, Indiana, has over 600 miles of gravel road and that number shows that it has more gravel roads than other counties in the country. The county has spent over $1.2 million for paving previously gravel roads and they’ve improved their look by utilizing grant money!

The thing is that the pavement has been already destroyed as you can see from the pictures. The newly paved roads have been ruined by the large Amish population that Daviess County has.

This people are using specific transportation- horses with steel shoes and a wagon, which are ruining the roads. The President of the Daviess County Council, Mike Sprinkle, shared how disappointed he is from the present state of the pave new roads. The surface of the new roads is all scarred up and anyone can feel that while driving on it these days. And that’s quite annoying because it’s been a year since the county has spent $1,2 million to improve the gravel roads!

According to Sprinkle, someone should take responsibility for that damage, because it’s upsetting to see a ruined road like that. It’s not OK to fix a road and the next moment you know, someone goes out and destroys it!

Though the county has been searching for an appropriate solution, seems that there is no clever solution. Sprinkle feels helpless about this issue and desperately wants to find an answer that would fix everything.

For now, the county is considering taxing the Amish buggies to cover the repair, which annually cost over $50,000.

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