ALERT: Here’s Where TX Shooter Got His Gun… And Why The Liberal Media Is So Quiet About It

The left has been going nuts about gun control after a madman burst into a Texas church and killed 26 innocent people. As it turns out, we just learned where the shooter was able to get guns – and there’s just one shocking reason the liberal media is being so quiet about it.

Mad World News has reported extensively on Devin Kelley after he walked into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and opened fire. Unfortunately, he was able to carry out the worst mass-shooting Texas has ever experienced, resulting in many calls to further leftist anti-gun policies.

Of course, the left is known to fly off the handle before knowing all the facts, often resulting in them spreading what has come to be known as “fake news.” Sadly, this instance is no different as it was later revealed that Kelley shouldn’t have been able to own a gun at the time of the shooting, to begin with, according to gun control laws that are already on the books.

For those unaware, the man was actually in the U.S. Air Force but was dishonorably discharged after being court-martialed for slapping around his wife and child. As a result, he was slapped with a felony record, which should have ensured that he could never own a gun again.

Most recently, though, we’ve since learned how Kelley was able to get his hands on a gun – and it’s left people all across the country downright shocked. According to The Gateway Pundit, he “was able to purchase a Ruger AR-556 rifle at a hunting store in San Antonio after lying on the background check.”

Although the left likes to champion things like “universal background checks,” what they clearly don’t understand is that these are pretty much already in place — and, obviously, not working. Anytime you buy any kind of gun from a certified FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer, you have to pass a background check first.

In all, you have to fill out a form that should have immediately disqualified Kelley from the being able to make the purchase, but he lied since, as the right has always said, criminals don’t follow the rules. As can be seen on the FTR (Firearm Transaction Record) that all gun owners are forced to fill out before buying a gun, questions 11c and 11g should have been checked “yes” by Kelley, which should have stopped the sale in its tracks. Only a “no” response, which is what Kelley must have answered, would have allowed the sale to be approved.

Along with that, questions 11f and 11h may have applied to Kelley as well, as they talk about mental health, domestic violence, and abusing children/domestic partners (which is what he was dishonorably discharged for). Again, if any of these boxes are checked “yes,” it doesn’t go any further than that, and the hopeful buyer is turned away empty handed.

However, Kelley lied, which resulted in a background check being processed on the man through the FBI – but this is where things get weird. For some reason, the FBI check didn’t trigger any red flags against the man, which is why he was able to get the gun.

Now, seeing how San Antonio Patch reports that it was, in fact, Kelley who bought the gun and filled it out himself, the FBI should have been able to determine that this guy wasn’t allowed to own a firearm. Of course, there’s a small possibility that he bought the gun before being charged with a felony, but that doesn’t seem likely.

For reasons unknown, the FBI seems to have screwed up majorly, allowing a man who shouldn’t have been able to own a gun to walk away with one. Now, 26 innocent people are dead because of it.

However, the left isn’t exactly going to connect these dots for you because they really just don’t want you to know that the laws that should have stopped this tragedy are already in place.

Despite this reality, the left wants more gun control that wouldn’t have done a lick of good anyways. At the end of the day, enough “gun control” legislation was in place to have prevented this mass murder before it ever came to be, but someone screwed up.

As for the FBI, they may want to get ready for the storm heading their way because, at this point, it’s looking like they have a lot to answer for. Add this to the fact that the American people still don’t have any answers about the Las Vegas shooting, even though they took over the investigation, and one can only start to wonder what the heck they’re doing with all our hard-earned taxpayer dollars. This country is in search of answers here, but gun control isn’t it – competence is.

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