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5 Ways To Show Your Horse You Love Him

It’s hard to describe to non-horse people how much we love our horses. Our worlds revolve around them, after all. But here are seven ways to show your horse you love him so that he never forgets.

1. Give Him Special Treats

The way to your horse’s heart is so often through his stomach. Give your horse some special treats, like apples, carrots, and the occasional peppermint. Many horses also like bananas and pumpkin. When treating your horse, try to stay away from treats which are high in sugar.

2. Break Up Your Riding Routine

Your horse will easily get bored with the same old schooling routine in the same arena from day to day. Try to break up your riding routine by introducing new exercises or heading out to ride in new areas.

3. Massage Your Horse

There’s no beating a massage session. Pick up a book or DVD to learn some basic equine massage techniques and give your horse a massage session once a month. You can, of course, massage your horse more often, and your horse will benefit from pain relief, improved circulation, and increased relaxation.

4. Provide Your Horse With the Best Quality Feed

You are what you eat, and the same is true for horses. One great way to show your horse that you love him is to provide him with the best quality hay and feed that you can afford. Giving your horse high quality feed can lead to a healthier and happier horse.

5. Spend Time With Your Horse

Make an effort to spend some time with your horse out of the saddle. Do some groundwork, hand graze your horse, and take him out for a hand walk. These quiet activities can be a great way to enjoy your time with your horse and spend some time improving your bond.

Written by Paige Cerulli

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