4-Year-Old Appaloosa Dragged By An Unknown Vehicle- Police Investigates The Case!

In Canaan, Maine a horrible accident has happened in which a 4-year-old Appaloosa horse lost her life. Lucy who was a wonderful horse died in a terrible way after an insane driver hit her with his car and then dragged her around like crazy!

For Sierra Miner, the owner of Lucy, that has been the saddest day. Her loving horse has been killed in a cruel way. How could someone do something like that?! To drag around a gorgeous horse until its last breath- outrageous!

Miner has been taking care of Lucy nearly a year and the two of them really had one special bond. She loved that horse and every morning they had their daily routine. The day of the accident, Miner took Lucy out in the field and she went back to the house. Everything happened while Miner was having a shower and that’s why she didn’t hear a thing.

The neighbors tried to contact her after they saw what happened in her yard. Unknown vehicle went through her yard and nobody saw the driver. The horse has been hit from behind while grazing and for almost a quarter of a mile she was dragged down Route 23.

The case is under police investigation. Hoof prints have been found on the road and the Police is looking for a gold or tan truck with a damage in the front part.

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