WATCH: Illegal ‘Dreamers’ Protest At Trump Tower, Not Laughing After Seeing Who’s In Crowd

A group of “dreamers” recently decided to protest President Donald Trump’s DACA decision by heading to Trump Tower in New York City to throw yet another temper tantrum. Unfortunately for them, their high spirits wouldn’t last for nearly as long as they thought – and many weren’t laughing after seeing who was in the crowd among them.

The left is nothing more than a bunch of entitled brats who think they can get whatever they want simply because they demand it. In fact, they’ve proven just that during recent demonstrations outside of Trump Tower where “dreamers” protested the recent decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

For those unaware, DACA allowed children who were brought into this country illegally by their parents a certain level of amnesty. However, seeing how former President Barack Obama passed the policy illegally through an executive order when Congress couldn’t agree to it the proper way, it’s since been ended.

In short, President Donald Trump is enforcing the law and our Constitution, but that isn’t stopping the left from crying foul. Even worse, they’ve since taken to protesting the decision to do away with the illegal policy, saying that he’s “unfair” and “heartless.”

Too bad for the morons dumb enough to take part in the demonstration in New York City recently, their high spirits were short lived. As it turns out, they wouldn’t be laughing for very long after seeing who was in the rather large crowd.

According to New York Post, “Thirty-four people — including a handful of ‘dreamers’ — were arrested Tuesday for forming a human chain and shutting down Fifth Avenue.” Of course, police officers in the crowd were forced to respond to the disruptive behavior and started taking people away.

Things could go from bad to worse for these illegal aliens as now officials have a right to look into their citizenship status. Given Trump’s directive to the DOJ and ICE, those people found to be in violation of immigration law here in America could find themselves being handed off to government officials and maybe even deported if the conditions are right.

Be that as it may, those arrested may have a way out since they were arrested in the People’s Republic of New York. For those unaware, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has widely rejected Trump’s immigration stance and has outwardly chosen to neglect the law of the land. In short, DACA recipients will not be fingerprinted (and thereby identified) so long as they cooperate with police – just as they did when protesters shut down the Brooklyn bridge a few days before.

As if that wasn’t enough, police later arrested another group of 22 for blocking more traffic. “They’re all being charged with disorderly conduct and various VTL [vehicle and traffic law] violations,” said NYPD Chief of Patrol Terence Monahan at a press conference. They’re set to be given an appearance ticket to court and released, New York Times reports.

This country is getting out of hand. Everyone seems to think that their opinions are higher and more valuable than others. Furthermore, the fact that people think they have a right to simply ignore whichever laws they don’t agree with is dumbfounding – and that’s made even worse by politicians who allow this reality to take place and even model the same behavior.

Our country is one of law and order. It’s time for people to get with the program. If you like America so much, the least you could do is show our country some respect by obeying our Constitution and laws rather than walk all over it because you feel that you’re entitled to do so. Of course, the decision may be made for these punks soon enough – and it’ll all boil down to voluntarily following the law or being forced to by someone else.


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