Updated Pokemon GO Generation 2 Egg Hatching Rarity Chart

Niantic just recently added more than 80 new Pokemon in the wild. With that in mind, trainers are expecting to see plenty of new Pokemon and hatching out more eggs. Not all of the Pokemon GO players are familiar with the hatching rate of the newly released generation 2 Pokemon. So maybe some of them are curious about the odds of hatching some of the generation 2 Pokemon.
Thanks to the latest research about the hatching rate of eggs for the generation 2 Pokemon. Topottsel, a Reddit user and also a Pokemon GO player, has compiled the updated chart of the egg rarity for the generation 2 Pokemon.

Updated Generation 2 Egg Hatching Rate

Similar to the generation 1 Pokemon, the latest release generation 2 Pokemon also have an exclusive rare Pokemon that can be hatched from an egg.

On a 2km egg, the rarest generation 2 Pokemon that you can get is the ghost-type Misdreavus. This ghost-type Pokemon has a hatch rate of 0.87% or 1 out of 115 eggs.
Unlike the 2km egg, a 5km and a 10km egg have multiple numbers of Pokemon that you can hatch from an egg. A 5km egg has a total of 7 rare Pokemon that includes Dunsparce, Girafarig, Qwilfish, Shuckle, Sneasel, Wobbuffet, and Yanma. A 5km egg has a hatch rate of 0.62% or 1 out of 161 eggs. While on the 10km, you can only hatch 2 rare Pokemon. This Pokemon are Miltank and Skarmory which has a hatch rate of 2.57% or 1 out of 39 eggs.

On the other hand, some of your favorite generation 2 Pokemon cannot be found from an egg. This includes the three generation 2 starters. The updated chart also reveals the Pokemon that no longer hatch from an egg like Magikarp and more. While some Pokemon has been removed from the egg list, some Pokemon has also been replaced with Baby Pokemon.

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