Story NBC News Publishes About Muslim Americans After Manhattan Terror Attack Causes Major Backlash

In light of the terrorist attack in Manhattan that killed eight and injured a dozen others, NBC News released an article that sparked a firestorm of controversy.

The article is headlined: “Muslim Americans Again Brace for Backlash After New York Attack.”

It reads, in part:

In the wake of Tuesday’s attack, some Muslim Americans and community leaders expressed concerns over how their religion would be perceived and whether Muslims would become targets of violence.

“There has been a history of, sort of, blowback, and that’s obviously going to be something that people think about,” said Ali Najmi, a board member of the Muslim Democratic Club of New York. “But the primary concern is, usually, and is now, how we can best lend ourselves in this time of crisis.”

Najmi predicted that Muslim-American groups would organize around ways to help those affected by Tuesday’s attack.

With the massacre just happening on Tuesday, it came off as the wrong message to many Americans.

The reactions on Twitter speak for themselves:

Regardless of the flood of comments, NBC News has yet to offer a comment since the overwhelming negative response.

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