Sexy Sorority Girl Told To Apologize For ‘Racist’ Costume, Drops Brutal Truth Bomb Instead

When a sexy sorority girl from Oklahoma inadvertently donned a “racist” costume this Halloween, she was told to apologize to those whom she offended. However, the young college student decided to drop a brutal truth bomb on all the haters instead, and it proved how ridiculous their outrage was in the first place.

Halloween was once a holiday wherein kids and young adults could don a costume and collect candy without worrying about liberal talking points like “cultural appropriation.” These days, however, it has become a prime opportunity for social justice warriors to become offended for the most mundane reasons. Indeed, it’s all fun and games until the trolls crawl out from their caves.

Reagan West, who attends the University of Oklahoma, never dreamed that she might offend anyone when she dressed up as Pocahontas for Halloween, but as soon as the snowflakes on social media saw the pictures of her costume, they were triggered. The ensuing outrage prompted an apology tour of unprecedented proportions.

The president of West’s sorority, Pi Beta Phi, apologized for the Pocahontas costume, saying, “There is a difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation, and Pi Beta Phi has worked with its chapters on understanding the impact of their Halloween costume choices.”

Oklahoma University Pi Beta Phi chapter president Carly Norwood added, “The choice made by one University of Oklahoma Pi Beta Phi member to dress like Pocahontas is cultural appropriation and not an example of living Pi Beta Phi’s value of Honor and Respect.”

Nichole Krug, who heads the school’s Panhellenic Association, which “supports the advancement of the sorority experience,” also issued a statement of apology. “It is disappointing that a Panhellenic woman would choose to wear something that appropriates another culture after numerous educational opportunities offered by the Panhellenic leadership,” said Krug.

“The apology in no way takes away the pain inflicted upon and still being felt by the Native community here at the university,” added the head of the Panhellenic Association, according to BizPac Review.

West felt the need to issue an apology of her own, as well, after coming under attack for her Pocahontas costume. However, what she revealed in her statement blew a hole right through the assumptions that she was just a “racist white girl” making fun of other cultures on Halloween. As it turns out, West is partly Native American.

“I am truly sorry if I unintentionally offended anyone in the Native American community with my Pocahontas Halloween costume,” she wrote on Twitter. “It was never my intent to be disrespectful. I simply love the movie and its main character. Those that know me, also know that I have Native American family roots.”

So, if even Native American women cannot dress like Pocahontas, who is allowed to do so? By this standard, Pacific Islanders should have to hang up their Moana costumes and those of Arabic descent should not be allowed to dress as Jasmine, either. What are we allowed to dress up as on Halloween anymore? Should the white kids hang up their Cinderella costumes, too? This is absurd.

Of course, the irony in the “cultural appropriation” argument lies in the fact that America was literally founded as a melting pot of various cultures. There is no America without “cultural appropriation.”

Should the Hispanics be the only ones allowed to eat rice and beans? Should the Italians be the only ones permitted to enjoy pasta? Of course not. We all partake in elements adopted from each other’s cultural backgrounds every day. That is the essence of what it means to live in the United States of America.

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