Sarah Sanders Visited the Korean Air Base – Her Army Jacket Caught Everyone’s Attention

When White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was spotted wearing a military-inspired jacket, liberals began fuming big time.

Sanders was accompanying President Trump Wednesday morning when the two went to visit Korea’s Demilitarized Zone.

It was then and there that Sanders’ camouflage military jacket caught all the attention.

Later on, Sanders issued a statement, saying “one of our brave soldiers was nice enough to loan me his flight jacket” because it was “freezing.”

Reports confirmed the officer who lent his jacket to the White House Press Secretary was called Chief Warrant Officer Zizelman.

As for Trump’s plans, he wanted to pay a visit to the Korean DMZ, but couldn’t do so because of the fog which wouldn’t allow his team to make a landing. Both Sanders and Trump remained in the limousine to wait for the fog to settle, but since the weather conditions didn’t improve, they were obliged to withdraw.

Liberals should have a mouthful to say about Sanders’ jacket, but it’s not something we haven’t heard before.

Heck, if you asked them they would have left Sanders to freeze to death because this is just how they are.

What do you think of Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Is she a positive example for America’s youth?

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