Remarkable Facts About Gray Horses!

With their extraordinary nature, genetics and magnificent beauty, grey horses have become an exceptional type of horses. And it’s not about their appearance, there are lots of things that are so great about them. In the text beneath we’ll mention some important facts about this gorgeous horses!

– depending on how many copies of gray genes they own, this horses can be homozygous or heterozygous for gray. The thing is tat if a grey horse owns two copies of gray gene, he’ll have a gray offspring for sure! But, if he possess only one copy of gray gene, the chances are 50:50;

– every gray horse can be born in any color, usually black;

– gray horses have the ability to modify the base coat color to gray;

– the gray gene is a dominant gene, so if you see or own a gray horse you must know that one of his parents is gray for sure;

– in a long time period, this horses can change color shades. They can vary from rose gray to dapples, from pure white to flea bitten;

– this horses have a lot in common with Lipizzan breed, but people associate them with Andalusians, Welsh Ponies and Arabians;

– this remarkable horses have won the Kentucky Derby on 8 occasions;

– back in 1968, Dancer’s Image has won the Kentucky Derby, but it has been disqualified after the drug test has shown presence of phenylbutazone.

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