Prince William And Kate Have Banned One Very Surprising Item From Their Home

Okay, so Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t lead “normal” lives. They live in a palace with their two children, Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2. They have a country “cottage” that’s a mansion.

As part of their professional lives, they travel around the world meeting hundreds of people. They mingle with politicians, other royalty, and dignitaries, as well as average people.

On these whirlwind royal tours they sometimes bring their kids along, but recently they revealed one fact that does kind of normalize the royal family and make them seem like other parents who aren’t royal.

William and Kate don’t allow their little ones to play with electronic or mobile devices like iPads. An insider said about the Duke and Duchess’ parenting style:

Diana took William and his brother, Prince Harry, to McDonald’s and homeless shelters. She made them ride the bus and take the subway. They learned early on that not everyone lived as they did.

Undoubtedly, William and Kate were influenced by Princess Diana and Kate’s parents who also instilled being active and having fun. We’re certain William and Kate are doing what they can to bring up their children with the same values they were shown.

Do you applaud the way Prince William and Kate are raising their children to be as “normal” as possible? So share this!

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