Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp And Gyarados Spawn Rate Increased

Pokemon GO is currently in progress with its latest event, Pokemon GO Water Festival Event which increases the spawn rate of all Water-type Pokemon. In addition, spawn rate of Water-type Pokemon in water biomes will greatly increase unlike in the other biomes.
This event also pushes the appearance of the first ever shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Magikarp is the most affected shiny Pokemon that appeared in the wild. Some say that the shinies are extremely rare to find. However, it looks like it’s not the case right now.

Shiny Magikarp and Gyarados Spawn Rate Increased

After the first 24 hours of the Pokemon GO Water Festival Event, shiny Magikarp spawn rate insanely increases by almost 5%. According to a report, there’s a chance of getting 5 shiny Magikarp out of 100 Magikarp encounters.

This is a no surprise as trainers from across the world have been sharing lots of shiny Magikarp and shiny Gyarados screenshots in social media such as Facebook, Reddit, and other Pokemon GO communities.

Earlier this day, Pokemon GO YT account has confirmed the sightings and released a small previous of a shiny Magikarp to commemorate the event.

So what are you waiting for trainers? Get ready to hunt those shinies in the wild.

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