Pokemon GO Generation 1 and Generation 2 Shiny Pokemon And Their Colors

Shiny Pokemon already started to appear in Pokemon GO and trainers are ready to catch this rare Pokemon. But hunting a shiny Pokemon is not as easy as you think. The recent research shows that shiny Pokemon are individual and based per player encounter.Confused? Here’s a simple explanation. Example, you encounter a Magikarp in the wild, the same Pokemon may appear to your account as a shiny Pokemon but it may also appear as a normal Pokemon in your friend’s account. Niantic made this way to avoid spoofers from hunting the shinies.

Pokemon GO Shiny Pokemon And Their Colors

Since the shiny Pokemon already starts appearing in the wild, maybe it’s time for us to show you the full list of generation 1 and 2 shiny Pokemon. Below are the list of shiny Pokemon that you may encounter and their respective colors.
Generation 1 Shiny Pokemon

Generation 2 Shiny Pokemon

Please be reminded that some Pokemon will have a very small difference in color from their original version. So in order to determine whether it’s a shiny Pokemon, look for the sparkling animation in-game. Finding shiny Pokemon are similar to hatching 10km rare Pokemon. It’s very rare so make sure to catch it if you find one.

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