Niantic Slowly Implementing The Real-Time Weather Effect In Pokemon GO

In the last few days, Niantic mentioned the real-time weather effect in Pokemon GO. The announcement was made during the GDC 2017 Conference. There are no more details that were revealed during the event, but looking at the latest Pokemon GO update, you’ll notice that something has changed.Sky Started To Change In Pokemon GO

Yes, something has changed since the last update was released. It was the sky. If you’re reading this article during the night and you open the app, you’ll see that the sky is a little different now.

This is because both day and night skies have been redesigned. Although there is no solid evidence of sunsets or a moving sun at this moment, the night sky has been totally redesigned. The current new night sky has become lightened, higher resolution, independent star layer has been added. In addition, both the day and night have independently rotating clouds layer now.

Here’s what the new sky looks like at night:

On the other hand, players should also expect less lag with the new Pokemon GO update. One of the reason is that of the sky update brings smaller file size to process the action. It has been reduced by 25% in file size while increasing the quality resolution which is pretty cool.

This is just one of the few updates that we received for the upcoming real-time weather effect in Pokemon GO.

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