Naked NY Panhandlers Harass Times Square Tourists, Police Can’t Arrest Them For 1 Reason

Cops in New York’s Time Square are sick and tired of the naked painted panhandlers known as “desnudas,” who are mostly illegal immigrants trying to squeeze tourists for tips. Many officers are now speaking out and revealing the one reason they can’t arrest these clothing-less illegals who walk around naked in public near children and families.

According to Daily Mail, many cops in Times Square are fed-up with the group of naked painted women known as “desnudas.” Translated into English, it means naked or bare. That is exactly how these women, mostly illegals, are walking around, panhandling for money.

Often times, they are standing next to children and families who just want to see the sites in Times Square. Why does the city’s ultra liberal leadership allow this third-world display of public degeneracy? That is exactly what many officers are taking issue with.

WARNING: The following video is disturbing to anyone with an ounce of common decency.

Many officers in Times Square hold Mayor Bill de Blasio responsible for the epidemic of third-world “street performers” who walk around in underwear and a little paint. De Blasio has been more than outspoken about his pro-illegal immigrant and anti-Trump positions. The fact of the matter is these women are breaking the law, but they go unpunished because cops fear for their jobs or retaliation if they even appear to be “oppressing” the illegal immigrant population of sex workers.

In reality, these women are providing an adult-oriented “peep show,” and the families with children walking around Times Square have no choice but to be bombarded by “desnudas.” In 2016, New York City created Designated Activity Zones just to try to keep all of the street performers in one area. Supposedly, the performers would only ask for tips within the confines of their designated areas. That hasn’t worked. The fine for hustling tourists outside the DAZ’s should be $500.00, but only 220 citations have been written this year.

Law-enforcement officers who work in Times Square reportedly avoid writing tickets or making arrests for violators because the majority of the naked panhandlers are illegal immigrants and, under Mayor de Blasio’s administration, prosecuting these criminals for breaking our laws would be near impossible. According to the New York Post, one of their reporters approached one of the “desnudas” and was told, “I told you if you don’t have a tip, then f— off!”

Many people who are regulars to Time Square complain that this type of behavior is the norm and that the painted nude hustlers are often nasty with people who won’t give them money. In rare cases, other street performers have held on to tourist’s children until money was coughed up.

Some might argue that members of the public who don’t want their children exposed to public nudity shouldn’t visit Times Square. I disagree. Times Square and any other city in the U.S. should be a place where people can enjoy the sites without third-world degenerates or anyone else selling their bodies in the open. The next time voters pick a Mayor in New York City, they should carefully think about how these destructive liberal policies have impacted common decency.

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