Muslim Terrorists HORRIFIED After Seeing NYPD’s Newest Badass ‘Weapon’

Muslims in New York City are on edge after seeing what police are walking around with on those busy streets. Unfortunately for anyone who has a more “extreme” mindset, the New York Police Department (NYPD) was seen with a new “secret weapon” – and it has many turning their heads.

In today’s society, you can’t do anything without offending someone, and two NYPD officers have most recently learned just that. As it turns out, Muslims are sure not to like their newest potential “secret weapon” since it just so happens to be a member of the swine family.

Officer Grid Troci and another cop were outside the Apple Store in Soho when two people walked by with a pet pig on a bright red leash wearing an NYPD jacket. The cops took the piglet’s leash and laughed about their new porcine pal. The pig’s owners then asked Troci to pose for a picture — and he took the little guy in his hands and smiled wide. [Source: New York Post]

Of course, one of the main tenants of Islam is that followers of the religion can’t eat pork as they consider it unclean. In fact, Muslims are so strict when it comes to the rule that they won’t even touch pork products and have a hard time even being close to a pig.

With that in mind, one can only wonder how Muslims, totaling over half a million in New York City, feel about police officers walking around the streets with a pig. Either way, you’d have to be crazy to think this is anything other than cute.

Unfortunately for Muslims, it seems that this reality could eventually be a regular sight as there are several studies currently looking into the use of smaller pot-belly pigs as police companions. As they have a better sense of smell and are more intelligent than dogs, it’s only natural for people to research how effective they would be when it comes to police work:

Although the pigs have not replaced drug-sniffing dogs, they have several qualities that could be quite useful to law enforcement. Although they have poor eyesight, their senses of smell and hearing are exemplary. Unlike dogs, they can smell things underground as well as on the surface. Owners also claim that pot-bellied pigs are smarter than dogs and can learn to respond to spoken words and commands within days. Although they cannot climb easily, they are much lighter and more transportable than dogs. They are also cost-effective for law enforcement. They cost $300-500 each, are cheaper to feed than dogs, and can live up to 20 years. They can be bred as early as five months of age and can produce three litters per year. They are easily housebroken and will use a litter box. They can be taught to sit, walk with a leash, ride in a car, and lie down. They do not shed and thus can be used by police officers with allergies. [Source: National Criminal Justice Reference Service]
Considering the drug problem and potential dangers of people with explosives wandering around the city, you’d have to be crazy not to want the most reliable and effective tool at the disposal of police officers. At this point, it looks like pigs could stand a pretty good chance of someday making an appearance on the police force and may someday work in collaboration with their K-9 friends.

Seeing how Muslims are offended by pigs, they better get used to the idea. Things could be about to get uncomfortable for them.

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