Marine Receives Special ‘Gift’ From Wife, Unit Stunned When They Saw What Was Inside

When the men and women in our military are deployed overseas, they’re forced to leave behind their family and loved ones. Unfortunately, this can mean that they miss out on momentous occasions and special moments with their spouses. When one marine received a special “gift” from his wife back home, not only he but his entire unit was left stunned at what she sent her husband in a care package.

Captain Gregory Veteto is a member of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) in the United States Marine Corps. Currently, they are deployed in the “U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations in support of maritime security operations designed to reassure allies and partners, and preserve the freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce in the region,” according to Fox News.

As most Marines and service members do, he has begun to form close bonds with the other members of his unit who have become his extended family while he’s away from home. Unfortunately, he’s been forced to face the reality that life back home doesn’t stop while he’s away serving his country.

Of course, he still enjoys the moments he gets to open a letter or a package that he receives, which act as a reminder of what’s waiting for him back home. However, when he recently received a gift from his wife, he was left stunned by what she had placed inside of the package.

The now-viral incident all began when Veteto’s wife sent him a package with a football. However, it wasn’t the football that left everyone stunned, but rather what she intentionally placed inside of it. In fact, Veteto and his wife are expecting a child, and she had sent a “gender reveal football,” where the secret to the baby’s sex is hidden inside the football and revealed when it is kicked.

After gathering his “extended family,” his fellow Marines, for their weekly formation, he decided to punt the football. Of course, they all were nervous to see if the Vetetos would be expecting a boy or girl. When his foot made contact with the football, a pink powder surrounded them, revealing that there was a little girl on the way.

People are thrilled with what this Marine’s wife did for him. Not only did she make the reveal unique, but she made it special for the entire unit, as well as thrilling for herself back home. In fact, several people on social media decided to comment about the remarkable gift she gave her Marine husband.

“So awesome. Congrats sir. So grateful for your service. Prayers that you get to see your sweet angel soon,” one person wrote, while another, who happened to be a fellow Marine, said, “A Marine daddy and a little girl. Wooohaaa. I got lucky with a boy. No field stripping of weapons when the boyfriend comes over.”

Of course, another saw something else in the photo, saying, “Just awesome! Love seeing the excitement of his buddies too! Congratulations and God Bless you and your family.” Personally, I think it’s a perfect reminder of God’s blessings.

The men and women in our military give up everything to serve their country. They deserve more respect than they’re given, more money than they earn, and more joy than they can get. However, they don’t expect anything extra. Of course, that’s why they have people who love them back home to remind them what they’re doing this for when times get tough or they’re missing out on a moment they’d rather attend.

Although he had to miss an exciting moment between him and his wife, she ensured it was still special for them both by surprising him this way. Undoubtedly, Veteto, his wife, and their extended family will never forget this exciting reveal for years to come.

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