Latest Pokemon GO APK Mine Shows Redeemable Codes

Pokemon GO just received another update which brings a fix to the issue of the 7-day streak rewards. Aside from that, Niantic also announced an exclusive Pokemon GO Water Festival Event which increases the spawn rate of all water-type Pokemon and also pushed the appearance of the shiny Pokemon.
While everyone is enjoying the new update, we collected new information about the latest Pokemon GO APK data mine. So far, we already found out that the new update also includes the changes in the day and night skies. Digging further, findings also shows the redeemable codes.

What Are Redeemable Codes?

In the previous Pokemon games, players have the option to input a code and redeem it for valuable items. They mostly get the codes from event promotions or puzzles.

Looking into it, the process for Pokemon GO maybe similar to the previous Pokemon games. Players will receive redeemable codes through promotions, events or some sorts of puzzles. Niantic already proved it on their other game called Ingress.
Redeemable Codes In Pokemon GO

With regards to Pokemon GO redeemable codes, so far, there are only four items that are confirmed that you can get from the codes. The following items are the confirmed rewards:

Avatar Items
In addition, there is a code that still requires a further investigation. The code is “eggPokemon” which we strongly believe it refers to a Poke egg or a Pokemon.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for more Pokemon GO updates.

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