How exactly is Niantic Planning to rework Gyms ?

Hello there fellow Pokemon trainers, I hope you all are doing sound. So previously during MWC John Hanke did say that the Pokemon Go will be receiving 3 major updates in 2017.
Later on, in an exclusive interview with Wired, John Hanke did express his feeling that the current gym battling system felt incomplete, and went on to say that the gym mechanics are not as envisioned. He firmly believes that the game of Pokemon Go should feel as natural as possible.

He believes that there should be a social aspect in the game, thus letting trainers meet other trainers. Just like how in the original anime, Ash meets Misty and Brock.

So, in the future, we might be seeing more co-op based gameplay. Like a tag team battle style system. A couple of weeks ago, there were many indications online. That Niantic would be launching type specific gyms. Just to give longtime Pokemon fans throwback to those early days, of the original handheld games.

In the original handheld games, there were type specific gyms. Ig most readers here can relate to picking Charmander as a starter and, having a tough time beating Brock. Well, I think it won’t be a bad idea to have such a system in Pokemon Go.
So this is how I believe that the gym system will spice things up with the gym system, whenever a group of trainers belonging to the same team, are willing to fight a gym, there is sudden flare like thing which pops up on the screen, allowing fellow trainers to take part in the gym battle.

Trainers of the defending gym in the vicinity of the same area will also receive an alert that a friendly gym is under attack, they are also allowed to take part in the gym battle, trying hard to defend their gym. So in a way, there is the games defender bot Pokemon accompanied by real life trainers defend their gym.

This is a way encourages trainers to meet new people in the process and have fun playing the game. This gym mechanism is highly likely or at least idealistic, as in the game announcement trailer this was shown off.

Also as a cherry on top, these new updated gyms will by type specific, ie the trainer how places the first Pokemon is the type of gym. Although this will lead to certain issues like increased risks of Chancey only gyms, so trainers have to choose well.

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Anyways guys, have fun out there catching Pokemon and never pogo and drive.

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