Generation 2 Starter Pokemon Hatching From 2KM Egg On The New Pokemon GO Plus Trailer

Heads up trainers. The Pokemon Company released a new Pokemon GO Plus advertisement video on their official YouTube channel. But it’s not the device that caught our attention. Instead, the preview background of the hatching eggs that shows the generation 2 Pokemon starters.
Generation 2 Starter Pokemon On 2KM Egg

The Pokemon GO Plus advertisement was published last March 23 under The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel. The advertisement video shows the advance Pokemon experience that a trainer will get while using Pokemon GO Plus.

At the end of the video, you will clearly see the three generation 2 starter Pokemon hatching from a 2km egg. Here are the Pokemon that you can see in the Pokemon GO Plus promo video:
Lapras (10KM, already known)
Larvitar (10KM, already known)
Aerodactyl (10KM, already known)
Eevee (5KM, already known)
Chikorita (2KM, new)
Cyndaquil (2KM, new)
Totodile (2KM, new)
The video is still unclear if its unintentional leak or just a false advertisement. But as of writing, there are no signs of generation 2 starter Pokemon hatching from an egg. Besides, every time that Niantic released something new, the Professor announced the sightings immediately.

Check out the new Pokemon GO Plus trailer below:

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