First Real Shiny Pokemon Has Been Caught In Pokemon GO

The release of Pokemon GO Water Festival Event did not only increase the spawn rate of all water-type Pokemon but it also pushed the appearance of the first ever shiny Pokemon in the wild.For those who are not familiar with the shiny Pokemon, these are Pokemon with different coloration than the normal version of Pokemon. In the anime, shiny Pokemon don’t have any addition stats or skills. The only thing is that they are considered as extremely rare Pokemon.

First Shiny Pokemon Has Been Caught

Shiny Pokemon codes were first seen from the previous Pokemon GO versions a few months ago. But unfortunately, we don’t get any signs or appearance of it in the wild before. But that thing is in the past now as one of the Pokemon GO trainers managed to find and catch a real shiny Pokemon.

In Pokemon GO, the first shiny Pokemon that has been reported being caught is a shiny Magikarp. Fabien Parent is the first trainer who recorded and shared his newly caught shiny Magikarp. He even shared it with the Reddit community which brings excitement to his fellow trainers. Few hours after posting the shiny Pokemon video, another trainer posted shiny Pokemon which proves that it already exists and was real.

Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon GO

The fact that the shiny Pokemon is now available in Pokemon GO, there will be another change that you’ll find in your Pokedex. Similar to the Pokemon gender, shiny Pokemon will also add a new icon on the lower right of the gender icon. Here’s how it looks like:

We still don’t have enough details whether the shiny Pokemon we have right now will have any difference in stats and move sets that the normal version. But we are expecting that there will be no difference other that its rarity.

That’s all for now folks. Did you already find and caught one shiny Pokemon? Please leave us your feedback in the comment section below. Want to stay updated in Pokemon GO? Then follow and like our Facebook page.

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