FedEx Driver Sees HORRIFIC Scene Outside Houston Home, Cops Come KICKING

A sleepy Houston neighborhood is reeling after a terrifying scene unfolded in front of an otherwise quiet home, involving a 23-year-old mother and her 4-year-old son. The boy is now fighting for his life in a hospital, while his crazed lunatic mother is behind bars, awaiting her fate which hopefully will be that she ends up confined to a cinder block asylum for years to come.

The horror began at the home where Jenea Muniga lives with her son, her younger sister, and parents. Muniga started stabbing her child before dragging his bludgeoned body outside where things took an even more terrifying turn, ABC reported. Naked from the waist up, Muniga repeatedly beat the boy in the driveway with a garden tool, then mutilated his genitals, before slamming his little head on the concrete driveway several times.

A FedEx driver passed by at about 1 pm, witnessed what was happening, and immediately called the police. The horrified driver explained that he wasn’t sure what the mother was doing at first, that it appeared she was performing CPR on the child, but then he saw her pounding his head in the pavement without stopping, according to Click 2 Houston.

Police officers arrived to find Muniga still brutally beating the boy. According to the unnamed FedEx driver, the police couldn’t get the mother to stop and tried to pull her away from the child, but she continued until finally one cop had to kick her off of the boy.

Muniga was handcuffed and taken into custody, and the badly beaten boy was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital. He was listed in critical condition and immediately underwent surgery.

Upon investigation, officers found blood throughout the house and the boy’s blood-soaked shirt and other items were strewn across the yard in front of the family’s house. Muniga’s family and friends were shocked by what she did, claiming that they know her to be a “good mom.” However, a friend close to her described that the 23-year-old had struggled with post-partum depression ever since her son was born, although they thought it had been treated and was under control at the time the attack took place.

Every second counts now for this little boy who is clinging to life, suffering from “multiple stab wounds to the torso, contusions to the head from blunt force trauma and his genitals were partially mutilated,” KHOU reported. Meanwhile, Muniga has been charged with injury to a child, causing serious bodily injury, and is undergoing a much needed mental health evaluation, while incarcerated without bail.

Given the drastic nature of this situation, it makes one wonder if there were behavioral signs before the attack that were ignored or excused away by the family members she lived with. It will take a miracle for this child to make a full recovery, and hopefully if he does, he is placed in a safe home with a sane and loving family who can give him the life he needs and deserves.

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