Entitled Muslim Migrants Refuse To Let Security Lift Veils, Airport Has Perfect Solution

When an entitled man arrived at an airport with 3 female companions, he refused to let security lift the women’s veils and began destroying the property. However, once a fed-up passenger stopped the man’s tantrum by slapping him in his face, officials came up with the perfect solution to end his entitlement once and for all.

Despite the West’s exceptional tolerance, hordes of Muslim migrants flock across our borders only to demand we accommodate their cultural and religious beliefs. Instead of assimilating or even integrating, they invoke their entitlement, knowing that the politically correct authorities will quickly capitulate. Although the left accuses Westerners of bigotry and racism for merely expecting these uninvited guests to adhere to our laws, even the most culturally diverse third-world countries are starting to openly resist Islamic supremacy.

When a Kuwaiti national arrived in Delhi from Dubai, he was welcomed into the immigration center for processing as a new arrival. Like the thousands of other immigrants who routinely pass through the airport, the Muslim man was expected to complete a security check which involved proving his identity. When it came time to identify his 3 female companions, the man refused to allow security to lift their Islamic veils in order to see their faces, citing their religious beliefs. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t dealing with subservient liberals.

The Express Tribune reports that after the Muslim immigrant refused to allow Delhi security to identify the niqab-clad women and began tearing up the immigration counter in a fit of rage, he not only suffered a humiliating face slap by an annoyed Thai national but all 4 Muslims were immediately turned away from the airport and deported back to Dubai.

The incident occurred on September 4 when the Kuwaiti man arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport to enter India as an immigrant. However, things quickly turned sour when the man became outraged that airport security needed to confirm that his 3 veiled accomplices were the women they claimed to be.

“The male passenger was probably drunk as initially he even refused to fill the immigration form. After immigration officials managed to convince him, he refused to take off the burqa of female passengers accompanying him for face identification. When the matter could not be resolved for hours, the immigration officials decided to send them back,” said a source at the airport.
As infuriating as it was to be sent right back to the country he’d left, the source confirmed that he was humiliatingly slapped by another immigrant for causing a disrespectful scene, the Hindustan Times reports.

“He got angry and refused to fill the form. He even abused the official and Indian system. While the officials were trying to pacify him, another passenger, who had arrived from Bangkok, also requested him to fill the form. Instead of listening to the other passenger, the Kuwaiti national entered into an argument with him. The passenger from Bangkok slapped him,” the official added.
Although the Thai immigrant showcased a shocking display of physical violence, the immigration center allowed him to stay but led him away from the Muslims.

“He filled the immigration form but the women refused to unveil their faces for face identification. Female Immigration officers were called but even then he they did not cooperate. All of them started abusing immigration officials and tried to damage the counter,” he added.
After encountering an embarrassing end to their tirade, the Muslim party was detained and forcibly returned to the United Arab Emirates, likely banned from returning to India at least for a period of time.

If Islam was such a tolerant, open-minded, peaceful religion, Muslims would be known for their flexibility and quiet gratitude. Instead, we’re reminded daily by the tiny but extremely vocal minority of how racist and terrible Western nations are. Through incessant complaining and demands, Muslims make themselves appear much larger and more powerful than they are, preventing the majority from opposing their outrageous ultimatums.

Of course, nothing about Islam is peaceful or tolerant, as even the Quran explains the violent and oppressive purpose of its followers.

Quran (8:39) – And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.
Muslims are commanded to physically and politically war with unbelievers until every other religion is eliminated and only Islam remains on earth. Understandably, Muslims wouldn’t be able to accomplish this unless their religion also allowed them to use violence, oppression, and, most of all, deception to gain power throughout the world. What better way to rule the Western world than by using our benevolent tolerance and freedoms against us?

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